31-Year-Old Yorkshire Man Cashes in £2,065,627 Prize

We make a lot of decisions every day, many of them small and insignificant – we don’t usually give them a lot of thought. Life, however, is a constant series of decisions and some of the best stories in history come from small decisions that had big consequences.

Usually, these kinds of turns of fate are momentous events that we read about in history books, a simple nose bleed leading to the death of the ”Scourge of God” – Atilla the Hun, Emperor Fredrick Barbarossa’s freak drowning in the Saleph River at a critical moment, a simple turn of phrase from a Russian aide to Tsar Nicholas convincing him to commence mobilization for WW1. Small events, big consequences.

But these are historical figures, what does this have to do with a simple, common 31- year-old man from Yorkshire ?

Our friend’s decisions may not have changed the fate of the world, but it certainly, massively changed his. All due to one, small, seemingly inconsequential decision. Instead of leaving the slot machine he was playing at as planned, he took a few more spins.

He Had Only Been Playing at Casumo for 4 Days

This man was not a regular player; he was new. What did make him choose Casumo at all ?

First of all, Casumo’s welcome bonus is decent enough as is. You are given €1,200 over 5 deposits and 200 free spins on Starburst. This is more than enough to make anyone, enthusiast or not, willing to try out the casino.

What’s more, the Android and iPhone casino offers incentives to anyone who makes a deposit. This Yorkshire winner got an extra 100 free spins on Mega Fortune for his first deposit of £50, on top of the 200 spins he would get for free.

He Did Not Win Right Away…

While it would’ve been extremely lucky for him to win from the get-go, this was not the case. He played through his free spin bonus and then kept on playing throughout the weekend.

He did, however, try a different slot machine – the Piggy Riches slot, another which is another amazing NetEnt slot machine, albeit without a jackpot.
It could have all ended here, he would have been £50 short, and the daily grind of life would have continued…

One Small Decision – One Life Changing Consequence

Our Yorkshire man had an appointment on a Sunday afternoon. He had been playing, without too much success, when he realized it was time for him to go.
As he got ready, he noticed he had a few minutes to spare – so he decided to give Mega Fortune one more try.
With just a £5 (that is 8$ for those across the pond) go, he triggered the Wheel of Fortune bonus – a feature that is not that hard to trigger – thus, he was not expecting much.

“I was thinking I might win 50 pounds, but when it went all the way to the jackpot I was shocked.”

And shocked he was. Our Englishman forgot all about his meeting, all he could do was try to confirm with his father that what he was seeing was actually true.

How Will He Spend Such a Huge Fortune ?

People make stupid mistakes when they come into a lot of money, often losing it all a short time later on extravagant expenses.

Our winner’s heart, however, seems to be in the right place:
“I am going to buy a house, give some to my family, and maybe go on a holiday.” He said.

Whatever he goes on to do in the future, he will probably never truly have to work again. The world is now his oyster.

Will You Be the Next Casumo Millionaire ?

After the lucky winner’s jackpot, the Mega Fortune prize has not quite gone up to such heights again – not yet anyway.

Do not worry though, the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming is currently sitting at a jackpot of just below 5 million.

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Will you be making a small decision with huge consequences today ?