Mobile Slot Casino Player Wins €126,000 Jackpot

Everyone loves a story of someone winning big, but most people couldn’t imagine winning so much money at once. Just how could one’s fortune be changed so quickly, so suddenly ? Does this actually happen ? Is it real ?

Based on what we have seen, it certainly is ! Mick V., an Australian, probably thought the same. He never expected to win a small fortune – especially not from a simple slot game. He took a chance, and he won the biggest jackpot of his life.
This is the story of how, on a whim, he won with the Mega Fortune Dreams Slot and how it completely changed his life.

His Life Was Changed With a Single Spin

One night, in his hotel room, Mick was getting ready for bed, as he was sleepy. Earlier that evening, he had made a €70 deposit to the Leo Vegas Mobile Casino.
He had not been playing for long, when he used up his 20 free spins (which require no deposit) and decided to stay for awhile longer.

With his deposit though, he got a €1,000 bonus and 180 more free spins. At the end of the evening, however, he had already used most of them up.  Late that night, he was playing on his Android phone. Playing in bed, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that he fell asleep. Only later, startled by the noise, did he decide to give it a few more spins before cutting his losses and calling it quits.

In a single spin, on the 2nd of March, Mick’s life changed.

“I thought I was still sleeping! I just couldn’t believe it, I really thought I was dreaming. Thank you so much!” Mick said on his Leo Vegas interview.
Mick had just won  €126,000.  Just how much money is €126,000 in other currencies ? The European currency translates to AU$188,000, £97,500 or US$137,000. A hefty sum anywhere across the world.

Just What is the Mega Fortune Dreams Slot ?

While Mega Fortune Dreams’ jackpot is not quite the size of Mega Fortune jackpot – it’s sister slot – it is one of NetEnt’s largest jackpots.

Besides, the wheel of fortune bonus can activate throughout gameplay and provide some impressive prizes and bonuses. Particularly impressive are the 5x to 10x bonuses on your original bet. But if you’re as lucky as Mick was, these can go up to 750x.

Mick’s good fortune was unexpected – but many good things often come this way. Now, he will be able to pay off his mortgage, but, perhaps more importantly, visit his homeland.

A Holiday on the Mediterranean

“I can see you are based in Malta“ – said Mick to the Leo Vegas team, who are headquartered there.

Mick is actually Maltese himself, but never before did he have the opportunity to travel to the Mediterranean island. All of this is about to change.

A ticket from Australia to Malta can set you back as much as AU$2000 – and Mick was taking his partner along, making it double the price. Never before could he save up this much money.

In one sleepy night, all of that changed, and Mick’s dreams came true.