Record Profit Winner: “I was paralysed”

One British woman made history when she won one of the biggest online casino profits of all time. The 40-year-old played at Casino Heroes and ended up £5.28 million richer! “At first I didn’t believe it was true. It must be fake, I thought,” she told us.

The 40-year-old woman from Scotland took home these incredible winnings from Casino Heroes online casino. She managed to make history by scoring one of the biggest wins in online casino history, with her £5.28 million profit.

The big winner decided to remain anonymous but she did tell Casino Heroes about her feelings when she saw her account (and those huge numbers).
“It is absolutely incredible. I’ve looked at my account so many times and still don’t believe it,” she said.

After it happened she got in touch with the customer service team at Casino Heroes, who confirmed that the figure in her account balance was indeed correct. She was actually £5.28 million richer.
“I didn’t shout or anything. I was paralysed. You read all the time in the paper about other people who have won, but it sounds like a dream. And now, I’m in that dream.”