The Breakfast That Was Worth £3.3 Million

How did it happen?!

Joel Nash decided to buy a couple of lottery tickets while he bought his breakfast. He’s probably not going to ever regret making that decision. Why? Because those tickets earned him a cool £3.3 million. “It doesn’t hurt,” he says.

Joel Nash who lives in Bath in the UK always stops at the same restaurant to eat breakfast every morning. Normally, this is the only thing he does in the morning. However, a couple of weeks ago he added something different to his routine. He bought himself a couple of tickets to the National Lottery.

Incredible Win
This 47-year-old has no regrets about buying those tickets with his breakfast that morning. He managed to get all of the numbers right on the ticket, winning him the jackpot of £3.3 million.
“We’re so grateful that is has happened. We have an amazing family, we don’t need any money to make it better. But, it doesn’t hurt,” he said in a press release.
Joel Nash, who is self-employed, also told us that he didn’t know how much he had won at first:
“It wasn’t until we got to the lottery headquarters that we found out the jackpot was worth £3.3 million. We just couldn’t believe it!”