The Codfather Winner’s Story: It’s A Miracle

Miracles happen when we least expect it. And a miracle happened when Christian least expected it too. It turned out that his miracle was a definitely catch of the day, and one that he certainly wouldn’t want to throw back!

NextGen have a number of excellent online slots available, and each one is fun and funky. Some are better known than others, and one of the little known ones is a game called The Codfather. It’s an entertaining as it sounds, with an array of bizarre yet sort of cute and endearing fishy characters who are – of course – involved in a Mafia style family. It’s a bit odd. But then, the best games are. It’s not to everyone’s taste, either. But thankfully for Christian he got the joke, and now he’s laughing all the way to the bank. This five reel, twenty payline game can spew out some pretty impressive wins, so it’s a shame that it can often be overlooked.

So Christian was playing quite happily, perhaps feeling a little like he was in a special ‘Codfather club’ since only a few other people are really into this particular game, when the miracle happened. Play stopped. It’s likely that, for Christian, time stopped. He probably stopped breathing for a bit too. We would. Because there, on the screen that he had been playing a game on just moments before, sat a massive number. €32,342. That’s around £25,000. Now didn’t we say it was a miracle? Didn’t we say it was exciting and life changing? No? Well we are now. And Christian, after the initial shock had eventually worn off, retrieved the money he had won and pocketed a cool few grand.

We don’t know what he did with it. Did he invest in an aquarium? Buy a boat? Take a month long fishing holiday? Or did he decide never to look a gift fish in the mouth and try something new? Whatever it was, congratulations Christian, you’re a winner!