Won Nearly £3 Million a Few Days Before Christmas – “It came as a shock”

One 26-year-old man invested just £35 in Vera&John’s online casino. His reward? One of the biggest winnings to have ever come from the casino: nearly £3 million. “It came as a shock,” says the winner.

December the 19th was the date that fortune smiled on the 26-year-old from Cardiff. He bet a total of £35 on Arabian Nights in the Vera&John casino. His earnings? £2.92 million! It was 15.29 on 19th December when the jackpot of casino game Arabian Nights went wild. It is one of the biggest wins ever paid out by Vera&John, the online casino.

“I was so surprised, it’s so difficult to explain. It was a real shock. You read and hear about other people who have won, but you always think it’s fake. Like that can’t be true! So when I saw the jackpot come in, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Truly astonished,” the 26-year-old winner could barely put his thoughts into words.
The casino player, who wishes to remain anonymous, has made an incredible profit to enter the Vera&John millionaire’s club. This news comes shortly after a woman from Margate £3.63 million on Mega Fortune. He has said that his earnings will go towards a vacation and of course Christmas, amongst other things.

“I’ll take it easy”
“I will take it easy, invest some money, and definitely not waste it. It’s hard to decide now, as it’s only just happened. I’m still trying to get my head around it all. However I’ll probably go on holiday and share it with my loved ones. I might also buy an apartment,” concludes the new millionaire.

“It feels great to hand out such a large Christmas gift, just days before the big day. He was one of the happiest and most modest winners I’d ever spoken to. He said that it was going to take him time to digest and he’d still not quite gotten over the shock,” said the press officer from Vera&John, who broke the news to the anonymous winner.