Adventures in Wonderland Slot Review

Adventures in Wonderland is a slot game offered by Ash Gaming, and it takes the theme of Lewis Carroll’s classic story Alice in Wonderland. Anyone who has read the children’s classic will want to check out this slot and make sure they experience what the game has to offer. Ash Gaming is a subsidiary of slot developer legends Playtech, and this is one of their most interesting offerings.

The game is whimsical, quirky, and one of the most interesting we’ve seen. As you would expect from an Alice in Wonderland based slot, the game is a fascinating adventure. There is also a great soundtrack that perfectly fits with the feel and tone of this game as well. Let’s look at a review of the Adventures in Wonderland slot, and see if the game lives up to its early promise.


The graphics are very interesting in this game, and that’s not always a good thing. The playing board background shows a pretty garden like the one found in the book. And the tiles are quite basic in terms of the design and visuals. They look like sketches, and there is a sparse use of colour. Visually, the game looks quirky, and you would certainly expect that from an Alice in Wonderland slot game. We have seen slots that look better, but the overall tone and theme of this slot is perfect in every capacity.


The gameplay is pretty simple to keep up with, and you can make use of the automatic spins feature. The game has a history of big jackpot wins, and you may well be able to work your own magic here as well. You won’t pick up much in the way of wins by spinning on the base game. However, there are more than enough bonus features here that you can certainly get some big wins if you work towards them.


As we mentioned, the bonuses are every bit as awesome as you would hope. First off, 3 or more White Rabbit Scatters will trigger the Pocket Watch Bonus and award you with Free Spins. Our first attempt on this landed us 7 Free Spins which we used to win £112.20! You can also make use of the Rabbit Hole Bonus, where Alice falls down the hole and collects prizes on the way. The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Bonus is the one we most look forward to. You can choose one of 4 characters to serve tea to, and you’ll win a prize for how long it takes the character to drink tea.