BGO Casino Review

Today we’re going to take a look at British online casino BGO. You may recognise the casino because it features actor Verne Troyer in the adverts. Here is our breakdown of what this casino is like, and whether it’s worth checking out.


The first thing to note about BGO is the website when you visit the casino. Online is where most casinos exist nowadays, and, as such, it’s really competitive. So it’s important for a lot of casinos to make sure they present an attractive and well-designed website. BGO certainly make good use of colours and layout, but we felt their site lacked a bit of that wow factor. It’s one of those things that is difficult to explain, but you’ll understand when you see it for yourself. Still, if nothing else, it’s a functional website that does its job.

Selection of Games

The selection of games a casino has on offer is really important and can help you to get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of the casino you’re joining. Having a look a BGO’s games reveals that they have a decent, if not amazing, selection. There are some great slots, like Jungle Trouble and Age of the Gods, as well as a good selection of table games too. There is also Video Poker and a cool live casino feature as well. The selection of games is impressive; a lot of them will be found at other casinos, but that shouldn’t detract from the range of games on offer.


The bonuses are also quite impressive as there are plenty of promotions. From example, you can enjoy 20 Free Spins when you sign up, there’s a bonus of up to £1,500 available, as well as offers like the Spins Weekends, The Boss’s Spring Giveaway, and an iPad giveaway. On top of all of this, they have a cool loyalty program you can be a part of as well. All this combines to offer a pretty impressive promotional package for any prospective new members.

Customer Service

The customer support adds a lot to what we feel when we sign up to a casino. If you click the Help tab on BGO, you’ll be taken to a page where you can email the customer care team. There is an email address and query form, and you can contact them through live chat as well. The only problem they have is that the customer support leaves a lot to be desired. Until BGO can get this right, they will continue to stay shy of the stellar rated casinos.

Verdict: 3.5/5