This Casino Proves It’s Fair- And Lets You Play As The House

There’s always doubts when you’re gambling online as to how fair the game you’re playing is. However, two casino games, Mega Dice and Satoshi Slot, are making changes to the way they’re played in order to prove to players that the bets they’re placing are fair.

How do they do this? Well, it’s simple really. With some advanced technology, the games automatically send a computer generated message to the player placing a bet. This message is a jumbled up one that has the winning numbers hidden inside of it, and it’s shown before a player places their bet. The catch is, the jumbled up message can only be deciphered by a Quantum Computer- and no one has one of these! Once the bet has been placed, the message unscrambles itself so that you can see how the bet placed and the game played was fair. It’s proof enough that the house can’t cheat and neither can anyone you play against, because no one owns a Quantum Computer and so no one should be able to unscramble the message in order to win!

Another way that MegaDice proves its fairness as a casino is down to its use of currency; it doesn’t let players use real cash but is instead a Bitcoin casino. The currency used by players is a type of online currency, developed by an anonymous individual who uses the name, Satoshi Nakamoto. Thanks to the anonymity behind the scenes of the game, a sense of trust is built with the player, and mix this in with the complicated algorithms used to hide the winning numbers of the games in plain sight; it couldn’t be proven more how fair these games are to play.

In addition to these acts of trust, you can also choose to play as the dealer and as the bankroll in the games as well. So often players believe that no matter what, the house will always win in the end. Well, forget that frame of mind! Now you can play as the house, to see how the house doesn’t always win- or maybe it does, if you’re a good enough player! This demonstration of fairness within game time is quite popular with players, both old and new, and has already encouraged other casinos to follow suit in order to prove that their casinos and games are also fair.